Members of Qatari royal family arrested for illegally hunting precious birds

Members of the Qatari royal family were also a part of the arrested men.

Officials reported that Seven Qatari nationals were arrested by Levies in Balochistan’s Nushki district for hunting innocent birds on Monday.

According to Abdur Razzak Sasoli, Nushki Deputy Commissioner, the arrested men neither had a license nor a no-objection certificate

A Wildlife Department official reported that they were handed over to the Forest and Wildlife Department and moved to Nushki Circuit House. Members of the Qatari royal family were also among the arrested men.

According to the Secretary of Forestry and Wildlife Department, powerful operations have been started under the Wildlife Act by the Department of Wildlife

For hunting houbara bustards, a Qatari national submitted a challan of $100,000 while for hunting falcons, a challan of $31,000, making a total of $131,000.

A fee of $100,000 has been set by the Balochistan government for the hunting of hundred houbara bustards while hunting a falcon costs $1,000.

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