Meme Fest: Social Media Users Cope With Petrol Hike With Humour

Petrol Memes 2022

The Pakistan Muslim League (PML N) led federal government dropped another petrol bomb last night.

Just a few hours after PM Shehbaz Sharif reportedly rejected OGRA’s summary, the latest increase in petrol price was announced.

The petrol price has been raised by another Rs24, taking the price to  Rs233.89 per litre. The new government has increased the price for the third time in 20 days.

Following the latest hike, social media users slammed the government on Twitter, Facebook and other platforms. However, even during the soaring inflation, Pakistanis cannot stop themselves from making memes.

We have been seeing some rib-ticking memes on our social media feeds since last night. Here are some of them:

Thats brutal

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