Video: ‘Men Suffer Too’, Saba Qamar Says She Doesn’t Believe In Feminism

"I don’t believe in feminism I believe in gender equality," Saba Qamar.

Much of literature defines feminism as being about equal rights for women, and looking at feminist activism in Pakistan, Aurat March in 2019 was one of the most exciting feminist events in recent years. Its sheer magnitude, scale, inclusivity, and diversity were unprecedented.

Women belonging to different regions, social classes, religions, sects, and ethnicities came together to protest against patriarchal control. From working-class women to home-based women, from transgender to queer not a word that should be used nowadays — everyone protested in their distinctive ways. A lot of men and boys could also be seen carrying supportive placards.

While this heated debate among supporters and opposers is reaching new heights, the actress Saba Qamar has ensured her share of voice in the matter and shared her views, “I don’t believe in feminism I believe in gender equality.”

To clarify her stance, she further added, “As much as women get hurt in the same way men are hurt too. I don’t understand this thing if there is one brother of five sisters, then how is he responsible for his sister’s wedding, and other responsibilities?”

“But in our society, especially in Pakistan, if one is earning then ten people are depending on him. This is the injustice that people depend on that one person who has a job and complain to him all the time,” she added.

The actress’s definition of feminism proactively advocated for ‘gender equality’. However, people were confused about her twisted meaning because feminism itself means gender equality.


  • Feminism is excuse to do worse things what people want to do….this is all created by few shit minded people. Allah has clearly written in Quran about the rights of women and even protected them. Any one who talks about feminism and women rights is a jerk.

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