Merchant tries to kill himself inside mosque in Karachi

Merchant tries to kill himself inside mosque in Karachi

A cloth merchant has attempted to take his own life inside a mosque in Karachi. The 55-year-old tried to cut his own throat with a razor.

The incident took place inside a mosque located in Karachi’s Defence Housing Authority (DHA) after the Friday prayers.

According to the family, he suffered a huge financial loss. The man availed a loan to support his drowning business but couldn’t cover up the loss.

A local news source has revealed that policemen that were deployed outside the mosque for security rescued Nisar. Clifton Division Superintendant of Police Rohail Khan said that the worshippers also helped the merchant from further harming himself.

He was taken to the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) in an injured state. JPMC Executive Director, Dr. Shahid Rasool, has reported the condition of the victim in detail. He said that the patient was stable, however, he has been on a ventilator for the time being.

JPMC Medico-legal Officer (MLO), who examined Nisar, said that the man’s family has confirmed that he was suffering from depression and psychiatric issues.

Saudi man kills a relative inside a mosque

Earlier this year, the news that a Saudi man murdered his relative inside a mosque went viral on the internet. The suspect then committed suicide inside the same mosque. The incident took place in Bani Salem village, in the Al Baha region.

The man reportedly shot the victim while he was making the Fajr call for prayer. The motive for the murder wasn’t revealed.

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