Meta launches two new initiatives for women’s online safety in Pakistan

Meta's policies are their way to deal with online violence against women. 

Facebook launches two new initiatives in Pakistan for women's online safety

Meta or better known as ‘Facebook’ has launched two new initiatives in Pakistan, which focus on women’s online safety. The Online Safety Guide and StopNCII (Non-consensual intimate images) will allow users to easily, and safely use the virtual space.

The safety advisory steps are available in Urdu and English and will help to boost digital education and literacy. It will also promote responsible behavior amongst users, allowing them to create a safer online space for women.

The safety guide can be found at Meta’s Safety Centre and is the company’s effort to prepare users for the challenges that the modern world may throw at them. This is a much-needed step, as millions of people use the website to connect and pursue their interests.

Meta’s instructions for women’s online safety

It is important to keep yourself updated on issues around unwanted texts, criminal activities, and harassment in the online space. Meta’s policies are their way to deal with online violence against women.

The platform’s goal is to empower women and aware them of how to defend themselves against attacks online. It also explains how women can take steps to protect themselves online from fraudulent activities.

StopNCII was developed by Meta’s professional, guidance and funding in partnership with a global NGO partner, the ‘UK Revenge Porn Helpline.’ This was done to stop the sharing of non-consensual intimate images, which are often referred to as ‘Revenge Porn.’ has a wide global presence and serves people through regional partners that raise voices for local victims. It uses the newest technology to prevent the spreading of video and photos online.

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