Metal Reflectors Removed in Islamabad After Citizen Complaints On Portal

Citizen Portal App has bridged the gap between government and citizens as it has provided a pathway to directly get their complaints registered and addressed. Through the app, what the Prime Minister Imran Khan calls the ‘’the highest & fastest grievance redressal in our history’’, he claimed that 100,000 complaints have been resolved within 60 initial days.

Though some people have complained that the app changes the status of the complaint to ‘resolved’ after the team is contacted whether it is solved or not, many have given positive feedback regarding the app as well and their concerns were addressed on priority basis.

One such experience was shared by Haseeb Sohail from F-11 Islamabad, who registered his complaint against metal reflectors being widely used as speed breakers not only in streets but on main roads and highways as well. He mentioned in the complaint that these illegal road studs are causing accidents and are also damaging car tires.

Haseeb told that he had broken his car’s suspension and blew a tire on another car due to the large metal reflectors. He requested the authorities to remove them as they are causing inconvenience and replace them with proper speed breakers to assure no damage is being done to people’s assets.

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He also shared the after pictures, when his complaint was resolved.

It is delightful to see that people are satisfied with this initiative and more than that, they are taking interested in registering them and the follow-ups.

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