#MeToo Was Definitely The Strongest Campaign Of 2017 – Read The Most Powerful Tweets Here

2017 was a year of breaking stereotypes. If we compare how the dynamics of the society has changed, this year has definitely been revolutionary as it opened doors of discussion, especially on long-ignored topics.
When the year was filled with impactful events, there are two words that moved so many people: Me Too.

Courtesy: Subversify.com

Actress Alyssa Milano took to Twitter asking people who have been sexually harassed/assaulted to write ‘#MeToo’ to show the magnitude of this problem.

Not very long after it, social media was flooded with victims of harassment telling their stories. #MeToo was #1 trending on Twitter and Milano’s tweet received more than 65000 replies and 25000 retweets.
The campaign got so much recognition that the silent breakers were named TIME Person Of The Year.

2017 itself is unforgettable for a lot of reasons, as the year is ending let’s go through this campaign one more time to not let us forget how harrowing the situation is.
Here are the few most powerful tweets from the strongest campaign of 2017:

Let’s remember what still needs to be fixed this year!

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