#MeToo : Muhammad Hafeez Speaks About Being Harassed – Gets Brutally Trolled

Harassment and abuse are two topics that have conflicted and divided the nation for years. Some say that it doesn’t exist unless you provoke someone to do so. But most absurd is the belief that it happens to one particular gender. To summarise, in Pakistan no one is ready to accept that men can be on the receiving end of harassment as well.
This particular incident reflects the same attitude of the society that actually restricts male victims of harassment to speak about it.

Muhammad Hafeez in one of his questions and answers session with his followers is asked if he has ever been harassed.

Hafeez said yes he did face it. Instead of realizing the severity of this crucial issue, people started mocking and trolling him.


Not just that, people laughed about it and found it as a perfect time to bring the Sharmeen card. However, repeating the same mistake. Two wrongs don’t make a right. 

Also, this appeared to be a perfect opportunity for people to mock and target him in all the possible ways. For instance, see this particular comment. What a pity!

The attitude of people and how they took the situation is the exact reflection of everything there is wrong with us as a society. We need to at least create awareness and more than that acceptability that these issues do exist and need a solution.

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