Has Metro Bus Resolved Rawalpindi Traffic Issues Or Causes More Mayhem?

Quality infrastructure is perceived as a determinant of nation’s success. Called as ‘most critical sector of economy’ by Robert Brady and ‘an orientation of future’ by Anthony Foxx, an efficient infrastructure is the backbone of the economic structure of a country.

Metro Bus is a rapid transit system, supposed to aid citizens in movement without any hassle. Not only does it cut the travel time as it has the privilege of the separate route without regular traffic, it only is developed with the idea of minimizing fare charges.

Metro helped citizens in Lahore overcome the inconvenience caused due to crowded roads. But the question is, did we need metro in Pindi/Islamabad?

As compared to Lahore, traffic situation in Pindi is in control. Also, as Islamabad is a ‘planned’ city, it doesn’t face any issue.
According to most people, Metro in Pindi/Isl has created congestion and has done more bad than good. The trees were cut down, compromising the recreational site that the twin cities enjoyed.
Also, the travel problem could be solved easily as most people own their transport.
The substantial investment that was made here could have been more efficiently used to help any other city overcome the traffic issues.

Siasat.pk believes that people are the ultimate decision authority. Watch how this citizen documents the situation of the traffic.
Decide for your self, is Metro bus a convenience or mayhem for Pindi/Islamabad?

Watch the video here:


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