Mexican Couple Converts to Islam After Watching PM Khan’s Favorite Turkish TV Series

Prime Minister has directed PTV to air the Turkish “Game of Thrones” after being dubbed in Urdu.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is a huge fan of Turkish TV Series Resurrection: Ertuğrul. Just yesterday, it was reported that the Prime Minister has directed PTV to air the Turkish “Game of Thrones” after being dubbed in Urdu.

PTV Director for International Relations, Shazia Sikander, confirmed that the state television has got exclusive rights for dubbing and screening it in Pakistan.

Now, a Turkish daily newspaper, Yeni Şafak, has reported that a Mexican couple has converted to Islam after watching the hit Turkish TV series. The couple reportedly met one of the leading actors, Celal Al, of the TV series during an event in the USA. Celal Al plays the role of  Abdulrahman Alp in Resurrection: Ertuğrul.

“At the end of the meeting, a Mexican couple converted to Islam by reciting the Islamic proclamation of faith (Shahadah) with the help of the famous actor,” Yeni Şafak reported.

Talking to the newspaper, the couple said that they were affected by the Turkish series as well as Turkey’s humanitarian activities around the world. These two things inspired them to convert to Islam.

“It is a great pleasure for us to see that people around the world are very interested in Turkey’s humanitarian activities. I am very happy to see an example of this in Los Angeles,’’ Celal Al said.

The actor also gifted the couple with two Qurans and a Turkish flag.

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  • 1. Sab baat sahi hay, lakin har baat main IK ko ghussa dena ? Mexican couple nay yeh show dekha is ka IK say koi talluq nahi thaa.

    2. No matter how good the show is, PM forcing PTV to air a particular show, is a blatant interference in operation of the TV channel. It is a public TV channel, not his pvt cinema. PTV is in this pathetic condition exactly because of constant govt interventions, (I am not blaming only IK for this, all the past chief executives have done that and IK is no different from others (atleast in this aspect).

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