MG Responds To The Allegation of ‘Killing’ Elderly Man

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A social media user named Aazee Gilani has accused staff of MG showroom packages mall of killing his friend’s father.

Gilani shared a post on Facebook where he revealed, “My father’s friend (60 plus) went to MG showroom packages mall to inquire about the delivery of his MG car, which was supposed to be delivered five months ago.

The MG showroom sales girl and manager rudely told him that his car delivery was still not possible and he could get his money back. The old man slapped the manager during the hard talk when he said stupid things to my friend’s father. Suddenly, the manager called all the guards, and they started beating him (friend’s father) and murdered him by punching him and using guns.

Now the MG group has been using its power to handle the issue and trying to influence the media.”

MG showroom

In response MG motors said, “On the 24th of September one of our customers expired outside MG showroom at Packages Mall due to heart attack. This tragic event is however being portrayed as ominous. The customer was not harmed and disrespected by any of MG staff members. The CCTV footage has already been released to the concerned authorities and we’re fully supporting them in the ongoing investigation.”

However, victim’s son Ghaus Gondal released a video to share the story behind the alleged murder of his father during a brawl with the staff of the automobile company.

Gondal accused MG motors staff of confiding and killing his father in row over delay in car delivery.

I can’t believe my DAD is not with us anymore. They took him from me and my family!! You were always here to teach me,…

Posted by Ghaus Gondal on Friday, September 24, 2021

This is not the first time that the MG group has been involved in such a controversy. A few months ago, some customers came to the dealership seeking clarification for the postponed delivery of their vehicles, and some of them had demanded refunds of their booking amounts.

A video showed one of the MG employees at the dealerships who misbehaved with the customers and pushed them, thus angering several of the customers present.

In April, a similar incident was captured on camera in front of the MG lounge at Packages Mall, Lahore, showing several displeased customers. Many of them had their pay orders in hand and demanded an explanation or compensation from MG for its delayed services.

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    • MG is saying, he wasn’t killed but had an heart attack. Apparently the guy was waiting to receive his car for the last 5 months. Obviously MG will try to protect themselves at any cost. Let’s wait for the postmortem report.

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