[Price, Specs Comparison] MG ZS Vs. KIA Sportage Alpha – Which SUV is better?

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MG ZS vs. KIA Sportage – A comparison

The MG ZS is a new entrant in the Pakistani auto market’s SUV segment. Its closest competitor is the KIA Sportage Alpha. Therefore, customers are demanding a comparison between the two vehicles. Let’s compare the salient features of the two crossover compact SUVs.

MG ZS vs. KIA Sportage

It should be noted that the MG ZS being spoken of in this article, is the petrol variant.


The MG ZS comes with a 1490cc engine, which produces 113hp and 150Nm torque. Meanwhile, the KIA Sportage has a 1999cc engine in Alpha, generating 155hp and 196Nm torque.

Clearly, the  Sportage Alpha has an edge here.


KIA’s SUV comes with a 6-Speed Automatic Transmission, while the ZS features a 4-Speed Automatic Transmission. Both the vehicles are Front Wheel Drives (FWD).

The Alpha has the upper hand over here too.


Both the SUVs come with Halogen Front Lamps, making both the vehicles equal in this regard. Furthermore, both the cars have 17-inch Alloy Rims. 

Parking Sensors and Rear Camera: 

The MG’s SUV flaunts both Parking Sensors and Rear Camera, while the Sportage Alpha only has a Rear Camera but no Parking Sensors. 

This means it is easier to park and reverse the ZS as compared to its competitor. 


The MG ZS has six airbags. On the other hand, Alpha has only two.

Therefore, the MG ZS is better than the KIA Sportage when it comes to safety. 


The MG ZS comes with an 8-inch infotainment touchscreen, while the Alpha has a 7-inch screen. 

Comparatively, the ZS has a bigger screen, which makes the driving experience more enjoyable and convenient.

Moreover, MG’s SUV has Leather Seats, while the Alpha has Fabric ones, giving a clear edge to MG’s SUV as its seats are more classy and provide an executive look to the interior. 

Electronic Stability Program: 

The MG ZS has Electronic Stability Program (ESP), while the Alpha doesn’t offer this feature. 

It means that the vehicle by MG  is safer and more stable because, in an emergency, the brake of the car holds all four-wheels while maintaining the car’s balance. The feature is extremely convenient on slippery roads.


The MG ZS is priced at Rs. 4,099,000, while the price of Sportage Alpha is Rs. 4,399,000. Therefore, the ZS is Rs. 3 lacs cheaper than the Alpha. This price point is a tremendous positive for the MG’s vehicle.

Here is a tabular comparison of the two vehicles (courtesy of Pak Wheels):

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