‘Mian Mansha doesn’t know that 900 workers were fired in one day?’, hopeless Nishat Group employee questions

Nishat Group, owned by Mian Mansha, is Pakistan's biggest business empire.

The recent economic crisis orchestrated by COVID-19 has exposed a bigger problem: exploitation of the underprivileged by the elites. The big brand names, which are earning over 300% profit with each product they sell, left their staff helpless during these crises.

The exploitation of the working staff can best be reflected by this Nishat Group worker, who mustered courage and exposed what happened with him. According to the video that went viral on social media, the worker narrates how over 900 employees were laid off without any prior notice.

Nishat Group, owned by Mian Mansha, is Pakistan’s biggest business empire. Mansha himself is named among the country’s wealthiest people. 

The worker tells that one day when they proceeded to log off from work via a biometric verification system, the system could not find them. They were told that they have ‘resigned’. More than 800 workers were fired in one single day, while they were also told that it was them who had resigned.

He added that it was they who sit there all day, working and earning billions of rupees for them, while they could not even pay their workers for one month.

“We sat there earning billions of rupees for them. Every single day, working hard. Could they not give us some relief and provide us with a month’s salary? If the factories were closed, it was still their responsibility to pay us,” he said in the video.

The hopeless worker wondered if Mian Mansha himself knows this has happened with his workers as some people from the management exploit their power and position.

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