WATCH: Minal Khan defends Sadaf Kanwal and Shehroz Sabzwari in her latest interview!

“I felt very bad… What people did hurt me a lot. Nobody deserves such a bad backlash, in my opinion''.

Pakistan’s top actress and model, Minal Khan, despite being an active social media user, has always tried to stay away from controversies. However, two things that always come hand in hand are celebrity life and various speculations and rumors.

In a recent interview with Asim Jofa, Minal opened up about the controversies and everything that surround her.

Khan recently did a photoshoot for Borjan’s shoes and bag line along with top-model Hasnain Lehri. However, the project turned into a controversy, and Minal faced a lot of backlash from netizens for sitting too close to the model.

To this, she said that it was blown out of proportion. She was super comfortable while doing the shoot and there was nothing wrong in it. People start spreading such rumors, it affects her family life too. I do not want my work to have any effect on my family, Khan further added.

Speaking of the rumors revolving around her love life, Minal said that she and Aiman both have always been very open on social media. In fact, Aiman was very quick to disclose everything about her and Muneeb Butt on her Instagram account.

“People should not spread any fake rumors about me, as I will be the first one to tell everyone if there is something along the romantic lines happening soon,” said the actress.

Here is the complete video of the discussion she had:

Minal Khan also shared her opinion regarding the backlash Shahroz Sabzwari and Sadaf Kanwal have been facing after they tied the knot.

“I felt very bad… What people did hurt me a lot. Nobody deserves such a bad backlash, in my opinion.

“I can understand that people have different points of view, perspective, and opinions, but you do not know what the actual story is. People just speak without thinking.”

The actress further added that she respects Shehroz a lot, and since they have worked together, therefore she knows him personally, and she cannot believe that he did anything wrong to anyone.

Speaking of Sadaf, Minal said that whenever she has met her, the model has always treated her with love, respect and has pampered her like a kid.

Here is the complete Part 2 of Minal Khan’s interview:

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