WATCH: Minal Khan comments on Sadaf Kanwal And Shahroz Sabzwari fiasco

She finally spoke out!

Pakistani celebrity couple Sadaf Kanwal and Shahroze Sabzwari have been in the fire since they tied the knot. For those living under the rock, Syra and Shahroz ended their seven-year-long marriage on accounts of irreconcilable differences.

People thought that the term ‘irreconcilable differences’ was used to keep Shahroz’s extra-martial affair with Model Sadaf Kanwal concealed.

People are not ready to give them the respect that a married couple deserves.

Pakistani actress Minal Khan, in her latest interview, shared her views about Sadaf and Shahroz.


Minal said about Shahroz: “I personally respect him a lot because I have done three projects with him. He is an excellent co-actor. Very supportive and caring and always gives me good advice.”

“Similarly Sadaf, whenever I have met her, she has always taken care of me and loved me like a child. If they are happy it doesn’t matter what people say,” said Minal about Sadaf Kanwal.

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