Minal Khan’s recent photo shoot stirs controversy for ‘sitting too close’

The top actress and model recently did a photo shoot for Borjan’s shoes and bag line along with top-model Hasnain Lehri.


The young and alluring face of the Pakistani entertainment industry, Minal Khan, has been serving the industry with her back to back brilliant performances. She has a long list of successful drama serials under her belt, including; Sun Yaara, Parchayee, Hasad, and Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewah.

The top actress and model recently did a photoshoot for Borjan’s shoes and bag line along with top-model Hasnain Lehri.

Khan looked stunning in white attire and a classy brown handbag with amazing shades.

However, her recent project for Borjan turned into a controversy, and Minal faced a lot of backlash from netizens for sitting too close to Hasnain Lehri.

The actress chose not to respond to all these trolls. But, in a recent interview, Khan opened up about the matter.

“It was actually a shoot for the brand, and it was a shoe campaign. It was my first experience with Hasnain Lehri. He is very handsome. He is very decent and makes you feel very comfortable during the shoot. You don’t feel as if an actor and model are working together, so I felt very comfortable,” said Minal Khan

“I received criticism that I was sitting too close to him. People said all sorts of bad things that I was wearing short clothes,” Khan added.
The Jalan actress further said, “People don’t see that it was a big campaign for me, it was really big for me.”

“I don’t care about what others think and say. I was happy, and I am still happy that I did that shoot. I didn’t feel like I did something wrong,” she added.

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