Minister Communication Murad Saeed Inaugurates NH&MP’s Mobile App ‘Hamsafar’

Imran Khan led government has shown commitment towards depoliticizing and improving the working of state departments. And there is no better way to do that than incorporating the technology in the process. With improving efficiency, the use of technology opens up new avenues of participation and engagement. This provides a platform for empowered and aware citizens to influence the government’s process. The new government has shown determination to use the leverage of IT to engage with a common man and has taken a number of initiatives to do so.

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Among them is the new app ‘Hamsafar’ launched by Motorway Police in collaboration with National Highways Authority (NHA). The app will share real-time information with the passengers about traffic situation, weather, road blockages – in short, every detail one needs to know before travelling.

It will certainly make the lives of the commuters easy and the traveling experience will be further hassle free. Speaking on the event of the inauguration of mobile application ‘Hamsafar’, Minister Murad Saeed said that the new government is committed to a better future and the unconventional steps they have taken speaks volume about their efforts.

Speaking on the occasion, A.D Khawaja, Inspector General of National Highways and Motorway Police said that it is time to adopt and incorporate the latest technology for better and improved execution of services to citizens.

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