Ministry of Religious Affairs Proposes Expansion of ‘Road to Makkah’ project

The project also includes Muslim countries, including Indonesia and Malaysia.

Pakistani pilgrims wait to pass security for Hajj in Jeddah on July 24, 2017. (AFP)

On Wednesday, Pakistan’s Ministry of Religious Affairs submitted a summary to the Economic Coordination Committee to scale up the Road to Makkah project.

The Hajj in 2020 (left) and the Hajj in 2019 (right).

This project was designed to ease the journeys of Hajj pilgrims arriving in the Kingdom from various Muslim countries.

Under the Road to Makkah Project, initiated by Saudi Arabia, all the pilgrims’ immigration requirements would be sorted out at the airport of origin.

This could potentially save pilgrims several hours upon reaching the Kingdom, having already gone through the immigration process at home.

The project also includes Muslim countries, including Indonesia and Malaysia.

Hajj 2020. (REUTERS)

Pakistan implemented a pilot project in 2019 at the Islamabad International Airport (ISB), and the government now plans to extend the facility to potential pilgrims in Karachi and Lahore.

“One of the pre-conditions for scaling up of the Road to Makkah Project was the grant of special exemption on importing technical equipment in Pakistan by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” the ECC said in a handout after its Wednesday meeting.

Miqat | Hajj and Umrah Planner

Last year, Pakistan planned to widen the Road to Makkah initiative’s scope, but Hajj was performed on a restricted scale amid rising coronavirus infection globally.

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