Minorities To Play A Significant Role In Elections: Figures Show A Rise Of Over 30% In Number of Non-Muslim Voters

As reported by Dawn News, the number of voters belonging to the religious minorities have increased 30 pc as compared to 2013.
The figures have increased from 2.77 million to 3.63 million, with an increase of 0.860 million registered in the electoral rolls.

As per the stats, Hindu voters still occupy the majority in the bracket, however, they no longer occupy half of the total minority votes. In 2013 elections, the number of Hindu voters 1.40 million while the total minority voters were 2.77 million, making Hindus higher in number than other minorities collectively. Hindu voters now stand at 1.77 million, with forming the most concentration in Sindh.

‘’Document makes no mention of Jewish voters, although in 2013 there were 809 of them’’ – Source: Dawn News

Source: DAWN

Christians form the second largest group of non-Muslims voters with 1.64m – 1m of them settled in Punjab while over 200,000 in Sindh. The number of Christian voters has increased at a relatively higher pace than Hindus.

The total number of Ahmedi voters stand at 167,505 as compared to 115,996 in 2013 – most of them residing in Punjab, Sindh and Islamabad.
Majority of the registered 8,852 Sikh voters (compared to 5,934 registered in 2013) resides in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, followed by Sindh and Punjab. Their presence in FATA is more than all other areas combined.

Source: DAWN

Speaking of other minority religious groups, the number of Parsi voters have increased from 3,650 in 2013 to 4,235 currently, majority settled in Sindh and KPK. The number of Buddhist voters has increased to 1,884 from 1,452 in 2013, most of them residing in Punjab and Sindh.

The increase in the number of registered voters means that minorities will be more active in the election process this time. However, according to the said source, there is no mentioning of Jewish voters in Pakistan according to current figures. Jewish voters were recorded to be 809 back in 2013 – 427 women and 382 men.

Via Dawn News

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