15 pictures that take you inside Mira Sethi’s house!

Here we have some pictures of Mira Sethi’s beautifully decorated house!

Mira Sethi is one of the names in the Pakistani showbiz industry who needs no introduction because of her out of this world talent and beauty. Mira’s supporting roles in dramas have played a huge chunk of contribution to the success of those drama serials.

Some of her prominent drama serials are “Dil Banjaara” and “Yeh Dil Mera.” The daughter of the politician Najam Sethi has also performed in theatrical performances.

The 34-year-old actress is fond of traveling and spending time with her family and her pet puppy. Speaking of her personal life, Mira has a beautiful house.

Here we have some pictures of Mira Sethi’s beautifully decorated house. We hope you all will enjoy it.

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  • Is any one really interested to see that ?
    what significance these pics have , Or is it the lady herslef posting pic of her house on this forum for showing off her wealth.

  • Aik bat to such hain in ko Insano se ziada kute main dilchspai hain aik tasver main kuta in ke upar char rha hain ??

  • ابے گھٹیا ترین سیاست پی کے والے ایک یہی گھٹیا موضوع رہ گیا تھا تیرے لئیے مطلب کوئ شرم ہوتی ہے اس سڑک چھاپ نے ایسا کیا کارنامہ کیا ہے جو کوئ نٹرسٹذ ہو اسے دیکھنے میں ۔۔۔

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