MIT student quits high-paying job at Intel and buys 20 cows. Here’s what happened next

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Here is an extraordinary story of an Indian man named Kishore Indukuri who left behind a life of luxury in the United States and came back to India to live a simple life. Such stories are rare to read about but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Kishore Indukuri graduated from an Indian institute and pursued his master’s degree and Ph.D. from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States, eventually landing a high-paying job at an American tech giant.

After completing his masters’ and Ph.D., he worked for six years at Intel. However, after realizing his passion for agriculture, he decided to quit his job and return to India.

Upon returning to Hyderabad, India, Kishore realized that there were minimal options for safe and hygienic milk in the city. 


And thus, he had a business idea and started his dairy farm in 2012 named ‘Sid’s Farm’ with an investment of just 20 cows.

He and his family started milking cows themselves and delivered organic milk directly to the doorsteps of customers.

By 2018, Kishore’s dairy farm had over 6,000 customers and delivered in and around Hyderabad.

Today, his Farm has expanded with 120 employees to achieve annual revenue of nearly Rs (INR) 44 crore.

He sells not just milk but organic milk products, curd, and ghee. The Farm now delivers to nearly 10,000 customers daily.

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  • MIT graduates are not getting jobs. They are good in studies but have mental issues. They end up in startups but not all startups work. Intel has kicked out thousands of engineers recently.
    Now using MIT name for your cow business is not right. You made a decision to sell milk or dung..

  • A servent can never grow as much as he want, until he do corruption or leave the job and start his own business. He will definitely succeed if he has passion like this Indian Man.

  • Cost of cows and feed is much less in India. More chance of success. In Pakistan it’s extortionate prices.

  • This is an excellent article for lots of degree holders in Pakistan who are running after jobs or are sick at their jobs, so better start a business to grow profoundly.

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