‘MNA Khurram Nawaz asked me to take 1 lac and leave’ – Farishta’s father

Farishta Mohmand's father says PTI MNA Khurram Nawaz asked him to take 1 lac rupees and leave when they were protesting with the dead body.

One life is sacred than the other – MNA Khurram Nawaz made it evident. One of the most bone-chilling incidents in the present, Farishta Mohmand’s case made every eye cry. The abduction, assault and subsequent murder of 10-year-old girl Farishta brought the entire country to one page. But justice, that sleeps on the doormat of the rich in Pakistan, takes too long to preach poor’s home.

Farishta Mohmand belonged to Mohmand district Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa (KPK) but was living in Islamabad, Chak Shahzad with her family. She was kidnapped from outside her home on 15th May. After Farishta went missing, her father went to Chak Shahzad Police station and asked for help to find her.

However, to no new surprises, police didn’t even lodge an FIR. The helpless father was instead told that his daughter has willingly left her home and eloped with someone. Even words cannot express the ordeal they faced. Five days later, her assaulted and brutalised dead body was found in the jungle.

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When they were protesting with the dead body, sitting Member National Assembly, people’s representative, who was supposed to remedy the wounds sprinkled salt on them.

Narrating his misery, he says when he was protesting with his daughter corpse, MNA Khurram Nawaz came to him and offered him 1 lac rupees.

”He came and said take one lakh rupees and call off the protest. Was I protesting for money? My daughter was killed” – Farishta’s father can be seen speaking in the video.

The insensitivity from the lawmaker’s side is appalling and ruthless. Even words cannot express the state of mind of the father who saw his little angle’s burned lifeless body. Then being reduced to mere a lac rupees. Agonizing.

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