Karachi mobile shop scams foreign vlogger Indigo Traveler at the airport

A mobile shop by the name of Sania Mobile scammed Indigo Traveler, a foreign vlogger at the Karachi airport.


Nick Fisher, commonly known as the Indigo Traveler, made a video about his encounter with a scammer mobile shop at the Karachi airport.

According to him, a mobile shop charged him “six to eight times” more when he bought a sim card, a common practice for most foreign tourists. He said that the employee promised him 1000 call minutes and 10 GBs of data for Rs. 6500. However, upon checking, he discovered that the card contained only 1.5 GBs of data.

The price he paid was beyond the premium price charged at the airport. Other mobile shop owners in the vicinity were also shocked to hear the rate he was charged and informed him that the package he had received normally would have cost him only Rs. 800.

The vlogger reiterated numerous times throughout the video that this had been his first sour experience in the country. He continually praised Pakistan as a wonderful tourist destination, and especially mentioned how Pakistan is “one of his favorite countries”. At the same time, he expressed how such incidents could form a negative perception for first-time tourists, and should be avoided.

The video’s aim was to advise other tourists to steer clear of the mobile shop and possibly reach authorities who could take action against it. However, Fisher also appeared to understand that his experience did not represent the whole country and its people.

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  • Sorry bro/my country is very beautiful ?????but is man cheating you-I so sad ?plz forget??tanks????

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