Model Ayyan Ali responds to Imran Khan’s allegations with ‘proofs’

model ayyan ali

Controversial supermodel Ayyan Ali has responded to former Prime Minister Imran Khan‘s allegation. The former PM alleged that the custom officer in the supermodel’s case was killed to facilitate her.

However, Ayyan Ali in a detailed thread on Twitter denied the accusation with ‘proofs’. The controversial celebrity called Imran Khan a liar and added that he can’t stop making false accusations against her despite being the PM for four years.

Ayyan Ali wrote that the former cricketer still needs her to stay relevant. She went on to add that its ‘damning indictment’ of Khan’s rule.

“If you had done something, you would have talked about it instead of lying in my name. You remained the PM for four years, during this time I got acquitted in fake cases.”

The supermodel refuted the allegations that the investigation officer in her case was murdered. “The investigation officer in my case is Inspector Saleem, who is still alive and healthy, taking rewards from his department.”

Ayyan further added that every person who is part of the courts document in her case is alive. “You may not be able to read due to your third division or addiction thats why you tell stories of Alif Laila. The one who was killed, his name is Inspector Ijaz, who had nothing to do with my case and it was proved in court.”

She also shared a video clip of former Interior Minister and close friend of Imran Khan, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan.

In another tweet, Ayyan Ali wrote that the Supreme Court also acquitted her in the case.  “Do you know who was in that bench? Justice Saqib Nisar and Sheikh Azmat Saeed, whom you praised.”

The supermodel stated that if Imran Khan had any doubts about her case, he should have ordered a reinvestigation into the case when he was PM. “You attacked a police officer on live TV, other officers were also threatened on live TV. It is time for you to respond to these and other cases including flour theft, Ring Road, Malam Jabba, BRT, medicine, petroleum, Mohmand Dam, blasphemy and foreign funding.”

Ayyan Ali added went on to add that she fought and won fake cases against her at the age of just 20. She hoped that Imran Khan will not get scared and said that we will see how long the former PM can tolerate what she did.

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