4.42 seconds for each case? Model court of Sialkot district decides 1,993 cases in a single day

The lawyers' fraternity is also torn over it.

Raising many eyebrows, a model court in Sialkot has set a record by deciding 1993 cases of minor offences in a single day. It means that only a few seconds were allocated to each case.

The figure has initiated a new debate that if the cases were decided on merit or it was only a race to secure numbers to ”manifest efficiency to the high-ups.”

Judicial Magistrate Syed Mehmood Afzal Shah is apparently satisfied with reaching the numbers. However, he is also unaware of the significant details of the cases. When approached by a local media channel, he was heedless about the exact number of acquittals, robberies, cases related to injuries out of the nearly 2000 cases he decided.

The lawyers’ fraternity is also torn over it. They believe that it is humanly impossible to decide 1993 cases in one single day since the session starts at 9:00am and concludes by 4:00pm.

4.42 seconds for each case?

The lawyers’ community argues that if the half-hour break is excluded, the total hours remaining for the court are 7 hours and 30 minutes. Calculating the total number of minutes, the result is 450, but when divided by 1993 cases, the answer is 4.42 seconds. Roughly estimating, each case was decided in 4.42 seconds by the judge.

“I do my work the entire day and most of the time, I work till late at night. I work from 9:00am to 11:00pm and sometimes till 12:00am but litigants are only engaged in work till 5:00pm”, the judge defended himself.

When asked about the pace that how did he manage to decide cases in a matter of seconds, he responded that “everything is possible if you dare to do it”.

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  • These lawyers did such calculations that one only judge has decided this…? Idiotic calculations. Some free people used to make such calculations for Billions Tree Project in KP as well.

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