Model Farwa Ali Kazmi shares saddening details about her missed (silent) miscarriage

The esteemed Pakistani celebrity took to Instagram to publicly share her grieving experience.

Farwa Kazmi shares details about her missed miscarriage.

Farwa Ali Kazmi, the famous Pakistani model, and celebrity, recently spoke about suffering through a ‘missed miscarriage’. According to the Miscarriage Association, a UK-based organization that provides awareness and support services, a missed (or silent) miscarriage is when the baby dies or does not develop but has not been physically miscarried.

The esteemed Pakistani celebrity took to Instagram to publicly share her grieving experience. She was supposed to have a baby this year with her husband Mir Ali Rehman but life took a tragic turn.

In her post, Farwa Kazmi talked about how such difficult and painful experiences are not discussed and how silence ‘makes it feel worse’:

While everyone looks back at this year and shares good memories, I am sharing my story that doesn’t have a happy ending. I went through something called a “missed miscarriage”.

Farwa Kazmi shares details about her miscarriage.

She continued:

People seldom talk about miscarriage because a lot of guilt, shame and pain is attached to it. I feel we need to speak more about the uncomfortable and difficult topics because not talking about it makes it feel worse. Losing a child is monumental and should be mourned for as long as one wants. It’s not the mother’s fault nor in her control.

Describing losing a child as ‘monumental’ and ‘an unimaginable pain and loss’, the model wrote:

I was scrolling through my notes today and came across a love letter that I had written for my baby that was never born and I couldn’t even look at it. It brought back all the painful memories from the day I ended up in labour room. I do not want to go into details of it but it’s unimaginable pain and loss for someone who hasn’t gone through it. What it feels like, to think at one moment that you’ll be bringing a baby home in seven months and the next second you know that you won’t because your embryo doesn’t have a heartbeat.

Details about Farwa Kazmi’s silent miscarriage.

Farwa Kazmi continued to state:

It doesn’t end here. The process of terminating the pregnancy is like the worst nightmare. It’s like so much pain without any gain. I’m still dealing with complications after miscarriage that I would like to talk about in detail in another post.

In concluding the post, Farwa Kazmi wrote:

This year hasn’t given us many reasons to celebrate but we have survived despite all the hardships and that’s celebratory. I received love and care during these difficult times, that was unknown to me before. It is because of my family and some of my friends (you know who you are) that I was able to process this trauma and can now talk about it openly. I am so so grateful for you all.

Farwa Kazmi is saddened by missed miscarriage.

Farwa Kazmi’s Instagram post garnered major love and support. Several models, designers, and artists shared their condolences in the comment section.

The esteemed model’s post highlighted a major issue stemming in developing countries, including Pakistan. Citizens of such countries rarely discuss the topic of miscarriages, which creates much stigma around the subject. 

Experts suggest:

The silence surrounding the topic leads people to believe that miscarriages are a rare occurrence. However, the limited research on the topic implies the opposite entirely.

A study published in the Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association (JPMA) in 2010 estimated:

Clinical miscarriages occur in 12% of pregnancies or roughly one in every eight.

Another study published in the Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences in 2013 stated:

The number of clinical miscarriages lies at a staggering 50% of pregnancies.

What is a silent miscarriage?

It should be noted that Farwa Kazmi is not the first female to highlight the importance of this issue. Previously, in 2018, Juggan Kazim spoke about silent miscarriages. In 2020, the American model Chrissy Teigan and the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, also shed light on the topic by sharing their stories.

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