‘Modi has become a symbol of hate, he cannot deceive international community for long’, Mushal Malik

‘The people of Kashmir will resist till their last breaths’, she said.

Mushal Malik, the wife of jailed Kashmiri freedom movement leader Yasin Malik, said that the Indian government cannot deceive the international community for long, as now Modi has become a symbol of fear and hate.

In a video that aired on a private news channel, she said that Modi has not been able to run the government properly before, further adding that Modi after the crackdown against Kashmiris and Muslims, he is now also snatching the identity of Assam citizens as well.

She is of the view that by abolishing Indian-occupied Kashmir’s special status in the constitution, India has committed a criminal offense.

Modi, a mas murderer:

She said that Modi is pursuing Hitler’s policies by committing this massive genocide of Kashmiris. She stated that New Delhi has now become a rape capital of the world. India is not a safe place for women and minorities, she said.

The brave people of Kashmir have been struggling for their right to self-determination, but India is oppressing the citizens and committing state terrorism in Kashmir.
Kashmiris are relying on the UN (United Nations) and the international community to interfere in the matter and play a role to stop the Indian atrocities in the valley, she demanded.

She said that Pakistan is the only country advocating Kashmir’s case at an international front. Mishal said that Modi has a malicious agenda to change Kashmir’s demography, but he won’t succeed. The woman further added that the Indian government has deceived Kashmiris with lies quite often.

‘The people of Kashmir will resist till their last breaths’, she said.

While talking about the issue further, she said that Pakistan had left no stone unturned to inform the world regarding the Kashmir issue. She added that there are sane voices in India who are talking about the Kashmir issue and criticizing Modi’s policies.

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