Moeed Pirzada terms current economic crisis ‘deliberate, well orchestrated & well funded’

Political commentator, geostrategic analyst and journalist Moeed Pirzada terms recent economic crisis as 'planned'.

Key points: 

  • Moeed Pirzada believes that the current economic crisis were deliberately webbed by Nawaz Sharif and Ishaq Dar. 
  • The past government was aware of what it was doing, purposefully created circumstances for the upcoming government. 
  • The current economic crisis is ‘deliberate, well orchestrated & well funded’

Pakistani-British political commentator, geostrategic analyst and a television news journalist Moeed Pirzada terms recent economic crisis as ‘planned’. Moeed had predicted it prior Imran Khan-led PTI government took office.

Moeed, in his recent appearance in a television talk show, kept referring to his tweet from July 10th, 2018. Few days before elections, Moeed hosted a poll on his Twitter account, where he implied that international powers are unhappy with Imran Khan and will try to damage his credibility.

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He said that Ishaq Dar is purposefully creating circumstances that will damage the upcoming government, as they had already predicted PTI coming into power.

What did Moeed Pirzada predict?

Here is his statement back from July 2018, where he spoke about how Ishaq Dar and Nawaz Sharif are collaboratively digging a pit for upcoming government:

Do you sense that a deliberate, well orchestrated, well funded “Regional & International Script” is in place to make the coming Elections difficult, troubling & controversial denying credibility & legitimacy to the next incoming Govt?

He said, followed by a poll, where majority supported his notion:


How PMLN orchestrated the economic crisis:

Previous government webbed a long term strategy of artificially manipulating the worth of the dollar. When the artificial support was taken off, the devaluation of the country’s currency caused some inflationary pressure.

Subsequently, though the trade deficit started to become a problem in 2003 to 2004 under General Musharraf, the situation conversely worsened.

‘Which political party has been the best for Pakistan’s economy? Trade stats reveal all’ – DAWN
Data extracted from


The circular debt alternatively increased manifold from Rs 80 billion in 2013 to more than Rs 1000 billion by the end of the previous government’s tenure.

Previously Hammad Azhar also commented on this well-planned strategy by the past government. He said the current account deficit sharply increased from $2.5 billion per anum in 2013 to $19 billion in 2018. Additionally, he added that the trade deficit also surged to $30 billion in 2018 from $15 billion in 2013.

Do you agree with Moeed Pirzada’s views? Are the current economic crisis deliberately planned? Let us know in the comments bar below.

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