Mohammad Amir calls journalist a “mutmain beghairat”

Mohammad Amir celebrating a wicket

The Rawalpindi pitch for the first test match between Pakistan and Australia has been under immense criticism. A number of former cricketers have expressed their reservations over it.

All-rounder Mohammad Hafeez termed the pitch slow and dead. Aussie batter Steve Smith, who scored 78 runs in the first innings, also called the pitch “dead” and “benign”.

Furthermore, left-arm pacer Mohammad Amir shared his thoughts about the pitch. “The bowlers should go home and let the batters play with each other on this pitch,” Mohammad Amir wrote.

Replying to the cricketer, a private news channel’s journalist, Mughees Ali, asked him if the match is fixed. “What does your experience say?,” asked the so-called journalist.

Following his reply to Mohammad Amir, netizens called out the journalist for taking a cheap shot at the left arm fast bowler. The T20 World Cup winning cricketer also didn’t hold back and called Mughees Ali a “mutmain begherat.”

The journalist kept defending his act despite being continuously called out by the fans. He posted a video of Mohammad Amir’s from Bigo, accusing him of asking money from fans.

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  • An act of greed will always haunt you Aamir ,so its my sincere advise whether you except it or not Either you keep playing and Do not indulge your self into any comments neither Electronic /Print Media Nor Social media OR just go to some place where nobody knows you as a crickter.

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