Mohsin Abbas Haider Reads The Poem He Wrote For His Late Daughter – Leaves Everyone In Tears

It is said that if the child loses a parent, he is called an orphan. When a wife loses her husband, she is called a widow. But the vocabulary couldn’t even find a word for a parent who loses his child, as this is how wrenching it is.
Experience of parenthood and then that too for the first time holds a very special place for an individual. The joy that the parents get to experience with the first child is precious and priceless, something that they will always hold close to hearts no matter how older their children grow.

Source: Pak Media Revolution

Just as the joy is unmeasurable, so is the magnitude of grief that contains you if you have to witness the death of your first child especially after spending some time with them. Unfortunately, well-loved and celebrated writer,  singer and actor Mohsin Abbas had to go through it.

A few days back Mohsin announced that his one-month-old daughter, Mahveen Abbas Haider has passed away. He requested everyone to remember her in prayers. The news left his supporters completely heartbroken and immense support and love started pouring from their side.

After that, Mohsin read a poem for his daughter that left everyone teared up. He told that he wrote this poem when his daughter was born. The entire poem reflects how she came as an angel in life, filling colors of happiness in a plain barren picture that he calls his life. The entire poem is written exceptionally beautifully, with every word recited with love and dedication. It reflects how a child changes the life of the parents, being undivided focus and priority for them.

We are sad that this happiness was so shortlived in Mohsin’s life and wish him all the strength. We pray that no parent has to go through this, ever.

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