Mohsin Abbas Haider refuses to pay child support, ex-wife files petition

Fatema Sohail has filed a petition in family court.


After Mohsin Abbas Haider and his ex-wife Fatema Sohail went through a ‘public divorce’, he has now stepped back and refused to pay child support for his son. Fatema has approached a family court with her case and filed a petition against him.

According to the available reports, he has refused so by saying that he was previously paying the expenses of his ex-wife and his son, but he cannot do that anymore because he is ‘jobless’.

”I can’t pay for them anymore because I don’t have a job or money. I am going through a financial crunch”, Mohsin said. 

Fatema pubicly alleged that Mohsin was not only was involved with another woman but also physically, verbally and mentally abused her during her pregnancy term. Following her allegations, prominent names from the media industry stepped forward backing her, saying they are witnesses of the abuse.

Umaima Malik’s sister Dua Malik said that she is an eye witness of the abuse and asked Fatema multiple times to take a stand. However, she insisted that things would get better and tolerated it for the longest possible time.

Following her, star actor Gohar Rasheed also verified the allegations saying that he’s a second-hand witness and his friend has taken Fatema to the hospital multiple times when she was wounded.

Keeping in consideration the intensity of the allegations, Dunya News, where he used to be a part of famous program Mazaaq Raat, announced to disconnect from Mohsin Abbas Haider till the allegations on him were proven wrong.

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