Against all odds, son of a daily wager secures position in CSS 2018

  • Muhammad Bilal belongs to Khanewal.
  • Out of 590 candidates, he stood at 85th position in CE-2018.
  • I’ll make a small set up in Lahore to facilitate the poor aspirants, says Muhammad Bilal.
  • He became the first to be highly qualified in the family.

Muhammad Bilal has become an inspiration for many who consider CSS only affordable to the elite class students. He has qualified for the civil service examination beating all odds. Despite having a poor economic background he continued to work hard and became a part of governing circles in the country.


Where does he belong?

Muhammad Bilal belongs to Khanewal and the first ever to be highly qualified in his family. None of his family crossed the intermediate level besides him.


Position in CE-2018

He stood 85th in the Central Superior Services exam. “I’m very proud of it that I’m the son of a daily earner and I’ve got the 85th position in CE-2018,” says Muhammad Bilal.


Money doesn’t matter for CSS

“Money doesn’t matter for CSS. There’s nothing like that you had to have so much money or you need to belong to the elite class family. It doesn’t matter you belong to a family of bureaucrats or not. None of my family members is highly educated,” he said.


I’ll facilitate poor aspirants in Lahore

As my training will start I’ll make a small set up in Lahore to facilitate the students who can’t afford good teachers, he said. He also talked about arranging an interview session with the toppers of competition exams to facilitate the poor aspirants.


Where does he work?

He’s currently working as an instructor at Barani Agriculture Institute. Out of 590 students who qualified for civil service examination in 2018, he stood at 85th position.


How did you get through CSS?

“Anything that you want to do by heart, you’ll feel that you’re getting help at every point,” Muhammad Bilal replied.


Who owned his success?

He owned his success especially to his mother and said that she warned to see me getting a high position in life. Teacher’s respect is a necessary element to become successful in life, he added.


Educational background

He is the son of a daily wager. He got primary education from a local madrassah. He did his MPhil from the University of Agriculture Faisalabad after his matriculation from a government high school. His entire education is based on scholarships and also did different part-time jobs. I started learning alphabets from class 6 after getting primary education from a local seminary, he mentioned.


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Muhammad Bilal changed his weaknesses into his strength and became a symbol of success for the aspirants even with the poor socio-economic background.

Do you really think that getting through the civil service exam doesn’t involve money and it’s all about hard work?

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