Morally Responsible Muslim Driver Returns Money Bundles Found In His Cab

Imagine working tirelessly round the clock to put food on your family’s table. You cross miles and do more than your potential to provide the best for your kids. Then arrives an opportunity where you are one decision away from availing a ‘chance’ that might ease a few days for you and your family – what will you do? In this particular moment, not many decide to choose the right thing. Muhammad Tajamal Rana, however, knew exactly what he should do!

48-year-old cabbie driver Tajamal is a father of three and has been driving a cab for six years. One time on his duty, he noticed that a passenger left a giant bundle of $20! Without thinking twice and recognizing his moral professional duty, Muhammad called the dispatcher at Hamilton Cab (his working place) to get contacted to the last ride he dropped.
“The money didn’t belong to me, so I knew I had to return it’’ – Muhammad said (Source: The Spec)
After the call was made to the specific individual, Muhammad headed back to Melvin Avenue area where he dropped at 2am.

Muhammad recalled that the passenger was drunk and with his mother. They were discussing the money being for paying out some rent.
The man was roughly 30 years old and was thankful but didn’t give any reward. However, his mother pulled a $20 bill.
However, the driver was hailed as a social media hero. The story went viral and reached the office of Hamilton East-Stoney Creek MP Bob Bratina.

Bratina was so impressed by the honest conduct that decided to present him a certificate of appreciation. The certificate read as:

‘’… You are to be commended for setting such a remarkable example of honesty and truthfulness in making our community a better place …’’

Bratina said that the man belongs to a modest family and knew what exactly he should morally do.
“He did the right thing. He’s a modest family man who said the money did not belong to him and set out to find the person who it did belong to” – Bratina said.

The certificate was presented to Muhammad in a ceremony at Bratina’s constituency office and he plans to acknowledge this example of honesty in the House of Commons.

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