More Indian migrants living in Pakistan than the US – Pew Research Centre finds

UAE is the top destination for Indian migrants.


In quite a startling finding by the US think tank Pew Research Centre, Pakistan is home to more Indian migrants than the US. Pew is a nonpartisan American think tank that provides researches and data on social issues, demographic trends, and public opinion.

The study revealed that about half of Indian migrants live in just three countries. The top destination of Indian migrants still remains the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where about 3.5 million of them reside.

“Over the past two decades, millions of Indians have migrated there to find employment as laborers,” the mentioned report added.

Pakistan home to second largest Indian migrants:

Interestingly, the second biggest destination of Indian migrants has been none other than the arch-rival Pakistan. For Pakistan, the number of Indian migrants stands at 2 million. The US is the third-largest, with ‘almost’ another 2 million.

Another fact worth noticing is that one-in-twenty migrants worldwide, India is among the top sources of international migrants, it is also among the top destinations for international migrants.

“The overwhelming majority of India’s immigrants are from neighboring countries such as Bangladesh (3.2 million), Pakistan (1.1 million), Nepal (540,000) and Sri Lanka (160,000),” Pew study said.

Even more confounding is that despite these statistics, India also has one of the world’s lowest emigration rates.

“Only about 1% of India’s birth population lives outside of the country, a similar emigration rate to that of the US,” Pew said.

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