More Than One Million Parents Refuse Polio Vaccination For Their Children in KPK

Negative propaganda, attacks on polio teams and non-seriousness of the higher-ups overlooking polio operations in the country are just a handful of reasons why Pakistan is still lagging behind the world in war against polio.

The polio operations in the country was dealt with a serious blow following a propaganda of children being poisoned by the vaccinations in Mashokhel emerged earlier in April this year. According to official data, as many as 6,94,984 parents fell prey to the propaganda and refused to vaccinate their children. The polio refusal rate has hit the staggering figure of one million this year as per the data of provincial health department.

A total of 10,89,087 parents refused polio vaccination for their children with the numbers, unfortunately, expected to go up.

According to a senior official, the Mashokhel incident had a significant role to play in the refusal rate getting upto the one million mark.

In the past people refused to vaccinate their children after some religious scholars declared the vaccinations as ‘haram’. Now, the government is working closely with them in a bid to convince the parents.

The polio cases reported this year have also reached the triple figure. This year as many as 101 cases have been reported so far, 79 in KPK alone.


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