Morsi was denied medical treatment, food: Human Rights Watch

Morsi was kept under worst conditions during jail term: Human Rights Watch


  • Morsi had been kept in prolonged solitary confinements, reports Human Rights Group.
  • Morsi was not given proper medical care despite having a long history of diabetes.
  • Turkey’s Tayyip Erdogan also slams Egypt’s incumbent government for the bad treatment of Muhammad Morsi.
  • His son claims that he was denied permission to bury his father in their hometown.

   Egypt’s former president was badly treated in prison

Muhammad Morsi spoke out about the conditions of his imprisonment in 2017 and the same has been decried by the human rights groups. “Since the 20th of September I’ve been imprisoned and I’ve been isolated. There are glass windows in front of me. I tried to speak to the court about different problems but the court didn’t hear me,” said Morsi Aljazeera reported.

Former President of Egypt Muhammad Mursi has been buried in Cairo. Mursi died after collapsing during a court hearing by June 17. His son claims that he was denied the permission to bury his father in their hometown and was buried in a public cemetery instead. Morsi was Egypt’s first ever democratically elected president and had been in prison since 2013 when he was deposed after the military coup.

“I’ve got a lot to say to the court. I’ve not seen a doctor and didn’t get permission to meet my lawyers despite having the right to be seen and to be present. I am in the worst situation,” former Egypt President said.

The rights group claims that he wasn’t given adequate medical care and wasn’t allowed to take the food and medicine that his family provided to him. This kind of access is usually provided to almost all the prisoners in Egypt. He was kept in solitary confinement.

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Human Rights group also reported that the Morsi pledged before the court to be taken to the hospital facility to receive the proper medical care. Also, he’d a long history of diabetes and he regularly used to consume insulin. This insulin was also on his family’s expense.

At first, Morsi was kept under the house arrest and later was taken to the prison. Human Rights Watch viewed that Morsi’s death points out to the conditions of thousands of prisoners that are currently serving their jail term in Egypt. The kind of pre-trial detention that Morsi faced is worst and there may be prisoners in the country’s prisons who have not committed any crime.
A British MP was taking a panel to investigate the conditions in which the Morsi was held in and reported that he was kept under regressive conditions and he held the Egyptian Chain of Command responsible for that condition of Morsi.

Muhammad Morsi, who was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, joined the office in 2012 after the wave of revolution in 2011 but could remain in the office just for a year. Egypt’s current President Abdul Fateh el-Sisi ousted him from the office of the president in July 2013. Egypt’s present government denied the allegations of bad treatment of Muhammad Morsi.

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