Mosque refused to make announcement for missing 14-year-old girl because of her ‘Shia name’

Dua had stepped out of her home to dispose of garbage.

Karachi- A mosque has refused to make an announcement for a missing 14-year-old girl Dua Zehra because of her Shia name.

Dua went missing on the 16th of April in Karachi. In ARY’s Ramazan transmission, her parents mentioned that a mosque refused to make an announcement for a missing person because their daughter is Shia, and mosques don’t make announcements for Shia names.

After Dua had gone missing, her father filed a police complaint, saying that he did not have enmity with anyone.

“My daughter was not even going to school for the past one and a half years,” said her father.

Dua has been missing nearly for a week, but there has been no clue about her whereabouts. According to her mother, her daughter had stepped out of her home to dispose of garbage.

The mother said they lived on the first floor, explaining that his daughter had gone down to the ground to dump garbage, but she never returned.

After the case was highlighted on social media, Karachi police chief Ghulam Nabi Memon visited the girl’s home to assure her family of complete cooperation from the law enforcement agency.

“We are doing our best,” the police chief told journalists. “Three special police teams have been formed to find the girl. We’ve no objection if someone from the family wishes to join the investigation team.”

An Anti-Violent Crime Cell (AVCC) team also met the girl’s father. AVCC chief Zubair Nazir Shaikh said they had formed three teams, and they are working on getting CCTV camera footage to recover Dua.

“We are taking all measures to find the missing girl and are in touch with her family,” the AVCC chief said. “A case has already been reported at the Al-Falah police station.”

A police official stated that an investigation into the incident had been launched. The footage from the CCTV cameras installed in the area was examined to trace the girl’s whereabouts.

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  • Of course you see such things when we allow preachers whose only job is to spread hatred and politicize religion and this is regardless of shia or sunni sect.

    • Shia fake mulla responsible for this .. They abuse sahaba and are seed of discord. They should be kicked out of the country … If we want a status of true muslim country … They are worse then qadiyani

  • Allah knows better, but this seems to be a lie. DUA ZAHRA, sounds like an ordinary name..
    Masajid (Mosques) are not made for calling out somebody’s or something’s name when it gets lost,
    BTW, it’s normal in our society ..
    Sects do exist, but we will have to learn living with each another with harmony…
    This case was handled wrongly by the masjid committee.
    پاکستان اسلام کا قلعہ نہیں،ہاں یہ ایسا قلعہ ضرور ہے، جہاں اسلام کو قید کیا گیا ہے۔۔۔

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