Mosques In UK Open Their Doors For The Homeless As Temperature Gets Freezing

Despite the obvious rise in hate crimes against Muslims, some kind souls still never stray from the path that religion has shown us and that is to show nothing but compassion and love for each other despite the differences. A similar example has been shown by mosques in Greater Manchester as they open their doors for homeless people as temperature drops to a horrifically low level. The gesture is meant to send a message that a community where everyone cares for each other is definitely the one that successfully preserves its heterogeneity.

Source: Manchester Evening News

Homeless and rough sleepers were invited to spend a night inside the comfortable environment of the mosque when the outdoors got freezing cold. Since the temperature has started showing its extremity, Makki Masjid in Longsight and European Islamic Center in Oldham has been welcoming the visitors with open arms, offering them a convenient place to stay.


The mosque has also been offering fresh food, hot drinks and place to wash and shower. The Khizra Masjid in Cheetham Hill has also been opening their doors during the day, working in collaboration with Booth Center to help the vulnerable.

The spokesman for Makki Masjid informed that five people came to stay overnight. Fidah Hussain, Oldham councillor, said that European Islamic Center will be welcoming visitors for the next entire week till the temperature gets better.
‘’People have been fantastic, doing all they can and coming together to help those in need,’’ Hussain Said (Source: Manchester Evening News)
In Oldham, the Muslim community has not only shown this great generosity but also the volunteers have been roaming around, spotting those in need of help and bringing them to mosques themselves.



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