The 10 most EXPENSIVE food items in the WORLD

Prepare to be amazed!

What are the world’s most expensive food items.

In a world where food is hardly available for many people, what some food items are worth may be beyond one’s comprehension. Are you curious about what these eatables are? Then let’s dive right into the most expensive food items in the world.

Here are ten ridiculously EXPENSIVE food items in WORLD that can empty your wallet away:

1. White Truffles

Price: 7,000 Euros per kg

White Truffles are usually incorporated in luxury dishes and are abundantly found in Italy. Most restaurants tend to serve these with scrambled eggs.

2. Vanilla

Price: $4,000 lbs

Vanilla is expensive because its flower only blooms for a few hours in 12 months and leaves a small pollination amount. Therefore, it is not readily available in the market.

3. Densuke Watermelon

Price: $6,100

Densuke Watermelon is a black watermelon that is one of the rarest fruits ever to exist. It was once sold at an auction in Japan.

4. Saffron

Price: thousands of dollars per kilo

Saffron is precious for its uses in medicine and is produced in Iran. It’s initially produced in filaments, then is left to dry. Altogether, its cultivation takes up to 3 years. Regarded as a royal ingredient worldwide, saffron attributes royalty to any dish it is added to.

5. Almas Caviar

Price: $25,000

Almas Caviar is produced in Iran but can hardly be found there. Caviar is available in London, where this eatable is consumed at restaurants. However, the savage price of caviar unfolds then. It should be noted that this product’s packaging alone is worth a fortune because it is sold in tin packaging made of 24 karat gold. 

6. La Bonnotte Potatoes

Price: $1,600

La Bonnotte Potatoes are not like ordinary potatoes; neither do they taste like them. Majorly available in Noirmoutier, Wester France, this rare food item is as expensive as they come. Around Europe, the demand for these potatoes is on the rise, and one can find them in chief departmental stores at a staggering price.

7. Oysters from Coffin Bay, Australia

Price: $100 per oyster

Oysters were previously considered a poor man’s meal, and now they have emerged to be one of the most expensive items. The regal status oysters are produced in Coffin Bay in minimal quantity.

8. Matsutake Mushrooms

Price: $1,000 per pound

Matsutake Mushrooms have recently become expensive because now they are prone to extinction. People are eager to taste this eatable before it is too late. Countries that specifically supply this food include China, Finland, Canada, Japan, Sweden, and Korea.

9. Moose Milk Cheese

Price: $500 per pound

Moose Milk cheese adds royalty to the food and changes the game of any dish instantly.  It has become a cheese that people can’t resist; however, it’s sad that it is only available at a Moose farm located in one of Sweden’s rural areas.

10. Matcha Green Tea

Price: $180 per kilo

Matcha Green Tea features several core ingredients that make it a caffeinated anti-oxidant. It is also used in adding a supreme flavor to ice-creams and gourmet desserts.

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