The list of most popular girl baby names for the year 2021

The most popular baby name site is 'NameBerry', which brings people many beautiful baby names.

In 2021, parents majorly depend on the internet to present them with beautiful baby name options. The pandemic and lockdown have reduced the possibilities of creativity to blossom or inspiration to hit, which is why online sites have become people’s go-to to search for popular baby names in 2021.

The most popular baby name site is ‘NameBerry’, which brings people many beautiful baby names. Recently, the site charted a report detailing the most famous names that were searched in different countries.

Here are the popular baby names for girls in 2021 in Pakistan, according to NameBerry.

1. Alizeh:

Meaning: With origins from the Persian language, the name Alizeh means ‘the wind’.

Fun Fact: The girls named Alizeh are incredibly sweet and have an air of innocence around them, unlike any other.

2. Esha:

Meaning: The most popular meaning of the name Esha is ‘moon face’. However, in some languages, Esha also means ‘desire’ or ‘being alive’.

Fun Fact: Girls with the name Esha have a cheerful personality and are super gorgeous.

3. Zara

Meaning: Derived from the Arabic language, the name Zara means ‘radiance’. In Hindi, the name also takes on the meaning of ‘blooming flower’.

Fun Fact: Girls with the name Zara are often said to be very optimistic and intelligent.

4. Alisha:

Meaning: Originating from the Spanish language, the name Alisha means ‘the one protected by God’.

Fun Fact: The girls with the name Alisha are determined and successful in their careers.

5. Reyna:

Meaning: The name Reyna means ‘Queen’ and is spelled differently throughout the globe – Raina, Rayna, Reyna, and more.

Fun Fact: Girls with the name Reyna are often powerful and authoritative.

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