Top 10 most-searched Pakistani actresses [LIST]

Here are the names of the ten most-searched Pakistani actresses, unveiled by the search engine giant, starting from the bottom to the top.

Google revealed its 2020 search trends, and the results of the most-searched Pakistani actresses are surprising. Some of the names were predictable given their reputation in the entertainment industry and hit performances; however, some names have shocked the Pakistani audience.

Here are the names of the ten most-searched Pakistani actresses, unveiled by the search engine giant, starting from the bottom to the top


10. Sana Javed

Searches per month: 89000

Sana Javed entered the Pakistani entertainment industry quite a while ago but rose to fame with her very recent projects. These projects include names like Khaani and Ruswai.

9. Hira Mani

Searches per month: 93,900

Hira Mani, a mother of two kids and wife of actor Salman Sheikh aka Mani, had a slow start. However, the actress soon took up challenging roles and made a prominent name for herself in the Pakistani entertainment industry. She is currently ranked among the top Pakistani actresses.

8. Sajal Aly

Searches per month: 114,000

Sajal Aly has been in the field of acting for a solid eight years now. Alongside playing the lead role in Pakistani dramas and movies, the actress has starred in a Bollywood movie too. With the successes associated with her name, one would expect her to be much closer to the top of the search statistics; however, the numbers state otherwise.

7. Aiman Khan

Searches per month: 121,000

Aiman Khan married actor Muneeb Butt in 2018 and stopped taking TV projects after her wedding. While the actress has no recent dramas, she has a huge fan following on Instagram. Aiman likes to keep her fans entertained by posting adorable photos with her husband and daughter.

6. Saba Qamar

Searches per month: 122,000

Saba Qamar has a long list of hit dramas to her name, including a drama based on the life of the late social media sensation Qandeel Baloch. The actress also made her Bollywood debut alongside the late Irfan Khan and earned critical appraise for her lead role in the movie Hindi Medium.

5. Hania Aamir

Searches per month: 128,000

Hania Aamir made her debut with a film and then started acting in dramas too. To date, the actress has played the lead role in countless Pakistani dramas. Hania’s entertainment projects, personality, and nature tend to shine the media spotlight on her often.

4. Ayeza Khan

Searches per month: 148,000

Ayeza Khan is married to actor Danish Taimoor and has two children with him. The actress took up some hit drama projects in 2020, like Meray Paas Tum Ho, which heightened her fame significantly.

3. Alizeh Shah

Searches per month: 180,000

Alizeh Shah happens to be the newest sensation on Pakistan television. Although the actress has several dramas to her credit, she was noticed by Pakistanis for her role as Palwasha in Ishq Tamasha.

2. Iqra Aziz

Searches per month: 189,000

Iqra Aziz has many powerful dramas to her name, including Qurbaan, Ranjha Ranjha Kardi, Suno Chanda, and more – her performance is appreciated in all. The actress Iqra Aziz made second place in this list, and rightfully so.

1. Mahira Khan

Searches per month: 254,000

Mahira Khan is a global star, and there is no denying that she deserves the top spot. The actress starred in the iconic drama serial Humsafar alongside Fawad Khan and made her Bollywood debut alongside Shahrukh Khan.

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