Haripur: Mother accuses grandfather of raping 17-year-old granddaughter and terming it ‘honor killing’

The young girl's father, Muhammad Saleem, rushed out to look for his daughter.

Haripur’s Bar Union Council head stoned a 17-year-old girl to death to ‘restore honor’ in the area. The head of the council was none other than the minor girl Anam’s grandfather.

However, the mother of Anam has a different story to tell. She accuses the grandfather of carrying out the murder to ‘restore honor’ in an attempt to cover up his rape of the girl.

Details of the Incident

According to the victim’s parents, the family was settled in Khalabat Township for the past couple of years. A few days ago, Anam went with her grandfather Muhammad Yasin to his home in Kani Kot village and was expected to return on Sunday, the 6th of June. However, in the evening, the elderly man returned and stated that Anam had drugged him with candy when they had stopped for a brief rest along the way, and went on to ‘elope’ with her boyfriend.

The young girl’s father, Muhammad Saleem, rushed out to look for his daughter. He found her bruised body in the hills around Lara Gali near Kani Kot village around 11 PM that day.

The disheveled father called the Haripur police station on Monday the 7th of June to report the murder. Police arrived on the spot and shifted the body to the Haripur Trauma Center – the move was accompanied by Anam’s grandfather, the accused.

Talking about the investigation, Haripur SP Investigation Mujeeb-ur-Rehman said:

Based on Saleem’s statement, immediate suspicion was on Yasin. The accused was held by the police for interrogation, who immediately confessed to murdering his granddaughter for “honor”. He told the police that the girl had developed relations and that he had caught her calling her boyfriend with his cell phone and making plans to run off with him.

Yasin stated:

I confronted Anam about this on the way to her parent’s home and an argument ensued, following which I assaulted her with a barrage of slaps. Then finally I killed her by bashing her head with a rock. I also nominated two others for aiding me in carrying out the crime.

Deceased’s Mother Denies the Honor Killing Story

Anam’s mother alleges that Yasin raped his own granddaughter in the hills and then left her there in a precarious condition. When a rainstorm rolled in, he returned to the spot where Anam lay and murdered her. She alleges that the accused is using ‘honor’ as an excuse to cover up the rape.

Investigation into the matter is underway. Anam’s body has been sent for post mortem by the police. SP Mujeeb-ur-Rehman states that the mother’s claims can only be verified after the post-mortem report has been received.

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  • This man should be hanged for murder. Just because she was on the cellphone talking and he accused her of zina and murdered her…. Zulm ki intihaa.

  • These old buddies are frustrated in emerging era, state as a mother should be careful about these things.Thorough investigation is required.Girls mother is real relative of her daughter as she was her body part. FIR should be from mother side.He must be hanged no more honour killings of Pakistani citizens

  • This case should be investigated from every angle … Honor killing is not justified in Islam and its against all rules of justice.

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