Mother and daughter commit suicide after daughter’s obscene video went viral in India

A Villager named Pappu Paswan narrated the story of the girl and told the police.

Mother and daughter commit suicide after leaked viral video.

According to sources, a 40-year-old woman and her 22-year-old daughter allegedly committed suicide in India. The suicide happened right after an obscene video of the daughter went viral on social media in India and Pakistan.

Stating that the incident took place in Nagrasen village, Gonda police of India’s Uttar Pradesh (UP) said:

The mother and daughter were upset ever since the video of the young girl and her lover went viral.

Obscene video is doing rounds on social media in India and Pakistan.

How did the video become viral?

A Villager named Pappu Paswan narrated the story of the girl and told the police:

The 22-year-old woman married in December. However, Satyam, a former partner of hers from a caste deemed superior, used to harass the woman even after marriage. On the night of the 22nd of March, Satyam revealed an obscene video of him and the woman to her husband and posted it on social media.

Sharing details of the video incident, Gonda cop Shailesh Pandey stated:

The accused (Satyam) was blackmailing the woman by saying he would tell the husband about their relationship. He also misbehaved with her and made an obscene video. After that, he started blackmailing her with the video, asking her to live with him. When the woman refused, he sent the video clip to her husband.

As soon as the video was posted on the internet, it went viral in India. The clip started doing rounds on the internet across the border in Pakistan too.

The villager continued to state:

This affected the woman’s relationship with her husband, and the woman and her mother were devastated. They did not come out of their house all of Tuesday. And on Wednesday, we found them hanging.

Police arrests a man who posted an obscene video on the internet.

What did the Police do?

According to reports, Satyam has now been arrested and booked for abetment of suicide under the Scheduled Castes and Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989. This act prohibits discrimination and prevents atrocities and hate crimes against scheduled castes and tribes.

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  • , This person (satyam) should be hanged till death and this should be shared with all media to go viral and give the strict message to anyone who has the similarly involved in the same condition(s)
    To break their back bone and the social media which supported the video become viral should be banned in both countries…. “

  • The culprit should be hanged. This balckmailing is a bugger crime then direct murder. We all are human beings. We may make mistakes in life. But nobody has the right to blackmail anyone. But nothing will happen to the culprit. The judicial system in both India and Pakistan is corrupt to the core. Strong and criminals feel free to do crimes. Sadly.

  • We should also condemn all those who made that video viral. I think they are equally part of this crime.
    We should also learn a lesson from this incident how a small act of us can ruin anyone’s life.

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