Mother kills her son’s murderer after waiting for justice for seven years

“Justice delayed is justice denied”

  • A mother shot and killed her son’s alleged murderer in Buttar, Sialkot.
  • Naghman and others were accused of shooting 21-year-old Taslim seven years ago.


Justice delayed is justice denied:

In Pakistan, people seem, largely, dissatisfied with the legal justice system of the country. They have to buy justice at a high cost and, that too, after a long patient wait and delay.

Recently another case regarding ‘Justice Delayed’ surfaces in the news where seven years later, a mother shot and killed her son’s alleged killer in Buttar, Sialkot. Naghman and others were accused of shooting a 21-year-old Taslim known as Kaka seven years ago.

Naghman, known as Kodu, was sentenced to death by a local court. Later, Lahore High Court acquitted Naghman in April 2019.

According to police, when the accused came to his village, the victim’s mother killed him and escaped. Police have registered a case against five persons and are conducting raids to arrest the accused.

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  • Though their is no justification for a killing, but it will happen again n again, if our COURTS will continue to sale the justice, specially LAHORI COURTS. How can a lier (lawyer) who by chance becomes a Judge could change his/her ugly nature, despite being unjustly selected to give JUSTICE?

  • نہ صرف اپنے بیٹے کے قاتل کو گولی مارنی چاہیے تھی، اس خاتون کو اس جج کے بھی پچھواڑ میں گولیاں مارنی چاہئیں جس نے اس کے بیٹے کے قاتل کو رہا کیا!

  • Lahore High Court!! The name is enough. They have acquitted many, more than you can count on the fingers of your whole biradari!!May Allah have mercy on us.

  • Whole system is corrupted. Police, judges, witnesses, hospitals but mother did a good job. I hope someone kill that judge too

  • Qazi courts as in Saudi Arabia with speedy trials & public hanging is the only solution for early justice & minimizing the crimes.
    Otherwise people will do the justice themselves as this mother did.

    • Be it Qazi or not, our system our people are messed up and the might is right. Our mentality as citizen of Pakistan is that if we have power we will do it. Look how middle class behaves with the their servants etc. We need to change our mentality to change the system.

  • Mother was suppose to kill that judge also along with killer..these Lahore courts are nothing more then judges to hire

  • CommentBut in the end, it’s all noise and one more thing I am thankful for: Ability to filter out noise. After all, we are on this side of the grass for a very short time and why not enjoy that time instead of bitching about it?

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