Mother loses life while trying to save her daughter from rape

Mother loses her life trying to save her daughter from being raped. The incident emerged in Jallia village.


  • The incident happened in Jallia village past Sunday. 
  • The target was the married woman who was living with her mother due to developing differences with her in-laws. 
  • The intruder stabbed the elderly woman when she attempted to resist.

In a horrifying event, the mother loses her life trying to save her daughter from being raped. The incident emerged in Jallia village, located in the premises of Hazro police station this Sunday.

SHO (Station House Officer) Muhammad Azam reported to a local media news agency that the suspects entered the house after climbing the wall and attempted to sexually assault a married woman.

The woman was living with her own family after differences between her and her in-laws started to emerge. As SHO reports, the woman, at the sight of the men, screamed for help. Upon hearing her voice, the mother came to rescue her daughter from rape and was stabbed by the intruder with a knife. The daughter was also injured in the process.

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Following the incident, the attacker fled from the house, the SHO reported. He added that neighbors shifted both injured women to THQ (Tehsil Headquarters) Hospital Hazro. The elder woman was shifted to Rawalpindi for medical assistance where she succumbed to her wounds.

When the dead body was later brought back toTHQ Hospital for autopsy, a clash broke out between the family of the murdered woman and people related to the alleged attacker. Some of them were later arrested. The SHO informed that police registered a murder case against the suspect and later arrested him.

While the incident in itself is quite an upsetting dilemma, the body of the woman also remained unattended at THQ hospital for hours because there was no female doctor available to conduct the autopsy.

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