Mother Murdered, Son Died Due To Cold In An Apparent Property Issue In Daska

It is said that humans have learned to fly in the air like birds and dive in the waters like fishes – now all that’s left is to live on Earth like human beings.
This exactly reflects how we have lost humanity and love of God’s creation with time. Unfortunately, people have grown inconsiderate and insensitive towards each other but this particular incident is enough to make a human eye cry.
Reportedly unknown people in Malianwala, Punjab shot the mother of two numerous times and left her body out in the cold with her two young sons aged 5 and 2 years old.

Source: Parhlo

If this wasn’t enough heart wrenching that the cold-hearted inhumane murderers killed their mother in front of the young kids, the two toddlers stayed beside their mother all night in chilling weather. The two years old Abdullah lost his life due to harsh weather beside her mother, however, 5-year-old Asadullah survived and is in receiving medical care in Civil Hospital.

Source: Express Tribune

The kid is too young to provide any dependable details related to the murder, however, police after the autopsy has revealed that mother’s fingerprints were taken to allegedly for some documents before she was murdered.

Not only the people of the locality but instead anyone who heard about it is traumatized and horrified across the country. We hope that the responsible individuals are caught soon and are punished so that people can take it as an example.

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