Disgruntled Mother of two, killed herself outside Lover’s shop in Lahore

Sundas even moved to Lahore to convince Ali Raza to marry her. However, the man continually refused to tie the knot with her.

Brokenhearted woman shoots herself outside boyfriend’s shop.

Recent media reports state that a mother of two children shot herself dead outside her boyfriend’s shop in the Ghalib market. According to reports, the woman took her life because the man refused her marriage proposal.

Background of the Incident

30-year-old Sundas Nasir was married to a man in Faisalabad. The union lasted for six months. After separating, she married a man named Nasir in Karachi and had two children from the marriage.

However, Nasir and Sundas did not have a healthy marital relationship; they would often quarrel on minor issues. Due to her unhappy married life, Sundas developed a relationship with a man named Ali Raza, who ran a photography shop in Ghalib Market.

Woman commits suicide after man refuses to marry her.

What events led to the Incident?

According to the police, Sundas started living with her sister Hina after fighting with her husband, Nasir. When she developed a relationship with Ali Raza, she expressed her wish to marry him.

Sundas even moved to Lahore to convince Ali Raza to marry her. However, the man continually refused to tie the knot with her. The refusal frustrated Sundas.

After repeatedly failing to convince Ali Raza of marriage, Sundas went outside his workplace and shot herself.

A nearby CCTV camera caught Sundas’ suicide attempt. In the CCTV footage, a man is seen walking towards Sundas. However, a few seconds later, Sundas walks a few steps away, pulls out a weapon, and shoots herself in the head. The bullet pierces Sundas’ skull, and she suddenly falls to the ground. Within moments, the floor is bloodstained, and a crowd gathers around Sundas’ lifeless body.

A mother of two gets caught in an affair that takes her life.

Police involvement in the Incident

The nearby people called the police after Sundas shot herself. On hearing about the incident, a police team reached Ghalib market. The police officials shifted the body to the morgue for an autopsy and collected forensic and other evidence from the crime scene. The prime suspect, Ali Raza, was also taken into custody and grilled by the police.

The police also extracted Call Data Records (CDR) of the victim and the prime suspect for further investigation into the case.

While speaking to a media outlet, an officer shared:

It was an open and shut case, as initial investigations suggested that the victim had committed suicide, and there was ample evidence for it. However, police are digging into the matter, especially to understand the motive behind the suicide.

The police officer stated:

We need to further ascertain a few facts, including if it was a matter of an affair gone wrong or was she being blackmailed.

Social media reacts to the Incident

Netizens were saddened when the news of the suicide surfaced on social media. Some expressed sadness over the incident, and some prayed for the spiritual guidance of humans.

However, a few social media users criticized Sundas for committing suicide. A social media user Emma Gouder commented:

Is it not a disgrace? She is already married with two kids – what a waste of life.

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