Meet Hameeda, a brave mother taking a stand against her daughter’s sexual harasser [VIDEO]

Despite all ordeals. she is standing strong!

Note: The names of the people in the following story have been changed for privacy reasons.

This is the story of Hameeda, a middle-aged mother of two minor girls, 12-year-old Aasiya and eight-year-old Maria. Hameeda currently resides in Lahore’s densely populated area Mughalpura, in the home of her second husband.

Happiness and stability are two words completely unknown to Hameeda and her daughters. They once lived a peaceful life, but everything changed when the three women started feeling unsafe in the house of Hameeda’s first husband, Aashiq Masih Gill.

It all started when Hameeda’s eldest daughter was sexually harassed by her father’s own grandson, Saif. The harassment continued for months, and each time, Saif managed to get away with it because of Aashiq’s constant support.

Under pressure from Aashiq, Hameeda and her daughters continued to bear the fear and humiliation in silence until one day when Saif attempted to rape Aasiya.

Recalling the incident, Hameeda shared:

I had hurt my shoulder that day, so I was lying down. Aasiya and Maria decided to take over the household chores. After they did the laundry, both sisters went to hang the clothes to dry on the roof. In the middle, Maria went downstairs for a bathroom break, leaving Aasiya alone upstairs. Saif was silently watching them from a storage room on the roof and called out to Aasiya.

She continued to state:

As soon as she went over, he grabbed her by the arm and tried to tear off her clothes. Around that time, Maria returned and saw Saif attacking Aaliyah while she was desperately trying to stop him. My little one told me about the whole thing.

The distraught mother further shared:

When Aasiya told her father, he did not believe a word. Even in the past, Aasiya had told her father of his grandson’s harassment, and each time, he would order her to keep quiet. With the latest transgression, she was met with the same response. However, when I got wind of the incident, for an entire week, I felt like I was sleep-walking like I wasn’t in my senses.

Pictorial description of sexual assaultAfter recovering from the shock of it all, Hameeda mustered up enough courage to confront her husband and ask for justice. However, the poor mother was shocked when her husband tried to put a lid on everything. The situation worsened when Aashiq’s son-in-law threatened Hameeda and her daughters over the phone, forcing them to stay silent.

Speaking about the threatening phone call, Hameeda said:

He told me that if I pursue this case, I will end up leaving the area as a dead body.

Hameeda decides to fight back

The threat triggered Hameeda to stand up for herself and her daughters. The distraught mother approached the Mughalpura police station to lodge a first information report (FIR); however, the SHO told her to resolve the issue as a “family matter.” 

Disappointed, Hameeda turned to the DIG, upon whose instruction an SP heard her complaint and lodged an FIR. However, disappointment knocked on Hameeda’s door again when her case was transferred to the Mozang Police. They kept summoning the poor mother day after day only to inconvenience and humiliate her.

Determined to fight for justice, Hameeda has now turned to the media. The miserable woman pleads:

Fourteen years of my life have passed without note. But today, I have decided that I must take a stand for my daughters. I want justice. I know that they want the case to be withdrawn. They are pressuring me into a deal to reconcile with my husband and his grandchild. But I won’t do that; all I want is justice.

Hameeda concluded her statement by saying:

If they could do this to my daughter, they can do this to anyone’s daughter. If they are not punished now, they will continue to roam free and do as they please.

According to recent reports, Hameeda has now approached the Asma Jahangir Legal Aid Cell (AGHS), a pro bono law firm that extends free legal aid to women, children, and minorities, for help. The poor mother hopes that the media spreads her story to the masses, attracting the attention of relevant figures who can help her in the fight for justice.

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  • Well done brave lady 🙂
    we need more women empowerment, phr yahan aisay orya maqbool k chamchay type chootiye ajayen gay aur kehyngay k ji yeh liberal agenda hay, oye behnchodo hay yeh liberal agenda, yehi liberation hay k har kisi ko azaadi say rehnay ka haq ho, jeasy wo chahay aur kisi madarchod ko yeh himmat na ho k kisi aurat ko uski marzi k bagair hath lagaye

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