Mother tries to kill infant son – incident caught on CCTV [Shocking Video]

When the child's safety was ensured, the hospital administration turned over the woman to the police.

In a shocking turn of events , a woman tried to strangle her child to death. The incident took place at the Rawalpindi’s Institute of Cardiology.

According to reports, the woman’s attempt to murder her child was caught in action via the CCTV camera installed in the hospital ward. As soon as the authorities realized what the woman was doing, nurses on duty on the floor were alerted. They rushed to prevent the mother from taking the child’s life.

Here’s what happened in detail:

As per the CCTV footage, the mother placed her dupatta over her infant son’s face so that he could not breathe. Fortunately, the hospital ward was equipped with surveillance cameras, and the authorities operating the CCTV system realized what was happening.

As a result, the mother’s attempt to kill her child was prevented by the hospital authorities. The staff was alerted on time, and several female nurses rushed to help save the child’s life.

When the child’s safety was ensured, the hospital administration turned over the woman to the police.

The Child Protection Bureau of Punjab took notice of the incident and announced that they would be happy to provide shelter to the child once his treatment was completed.

According to the medical staff at the Rawalpindi’s Institute of Cardiology, the child was admitted to the hospital due to some disruption in blood flow. It should be noted that the child has recovered now.

Watch the CCTV footage here:

WARNING: Some viewers may find the content of this video disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

A similar incident occurred earlier

Unfortunately, this is not the first time a mother has attempted to kill her child. Earlier in January, a woman slipped from a six-story building balcony in Karachi after throwing  her two-year-old baby girl from the roof. Those who witnessed the incident revealed that the woman initially threw her mobile phone from the sixth floor, attracting attention from the passers-by.

Locals tried to stop her, but the woman didn’t listen to anyone. The woman first threw her child from the building, who was caught by the crowd gathered in the street. Then she slipped off the building while trying to come down from the balcony. While the baby remained unhurt (thanks to bystanders), the woman suffered severe injuries.

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