Motorcycle companies increase prices yet again

Following the 30 rupees increase in the prices of petrol, motorbike makers in Pakistan have raised their prices. Honda, Metro, United, and Road Prince have jacked up the prices of its different models.

Prices increased by Honda:

Honda has increased the prices of its different models by up to Rs. 9,000. Honda  CD-70 has become Rs3,600 more expensive and now costs Rs106,900. The CD-70 Dream nows costs Rs113,500 after an increase of Rs4,000.

The Honda Pridor and CG125 now costs Rs144,900 and Rs168,500, respectively, after an increase of Rs5,000 in its prices. The new price of CG125SE is Rs198,500 while the CB125F costs Rs253,900.

Pak Star Automobile Ltd

The prices of 100-150cc bikes of Pak Star Automobile 100-150cc bikes have gone up by Rs7,000 followed by Rs10,000 in 200cc auto rickshaw loaders and Rs7,000 in auto-rickshaws from June 5.

D.S. Motors Private Ltd

The 125cc model of the company has become Rs. 10,000 more expensive.

United Auto Motorcycle

The prices of 70cc-125cc bikes have been increased by up to Rs3,000 from June 7.

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